Principal Contact: Position Currently Vacant - County Refereeing Coordinator

Jack Harris, the secretary of the Vets and Vintage league was elected as Refereeing Coordinator for the County. He has a record of those who are qualified and called upon for events. Please speak to our Refereeing Coordinator about all of your refereeing needs For all refereeing issues, please use the contact link below.

Middlesex has a group of referees available ranging from provisional grade, C grade (County) and T grade (Tournament) but no International Grade. As policy in Middlesex we try to have qualified referees available at all County matches that we host and at our tournaments or any special events. This is not or can not be achieved by many counties. Our refs also help in adjoining counties if needed and we call upon them if we are short. Our refs are also available for any event outside our county if required by ES.

Anyone who wishes to learn about the qualification process should contact our Refereeing Coordinator. There are times when we are scratching about for refs and more qualified ones are needed. If a reasonable number are interested in a marking course we can help and this is also useful even if they do not qualify to get more practical knowledge about the Rules particularly for the MSL League's matches. The MRSA tries to encourage that all clubs have at least one person who has been on a course.

** While we seek out a suitable candidate to undertake this role all communications will be re-directed to the County Chairman. **

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